Paladin 2 / Cleric 2


   My name is Tacticus and I am a Paladin and Cleric in the service of Heironeous the Invincible, the Archpaladin and Valorous Knight, deity of chivalry, honor, justice, daring, and valor. I was abandoned as a newborn on the steps of Heironeous’ Temple in the capital city of Niola Dra on Wealsun 26th, 560 CY during the Fortnight’s Feast. The high priest of the temple, Kalaedros found me, took me in, named me, and raised me as his son. In my youth, I learned the ways of the temple and relished in serving the Invincible One, and became one of his temple’s most promising acolytes. My future seemed certain; that I would rise through the ranks as a Cleric of Heironeous in the very temple to which I was abandoned. But the path of fate is not always foreseeable. At the age of fourteen my destiny in the service of Heironeous was forever changed.

   My step-father, Kalaedros is a very important man in Niola Dra. He is a pillar of the community and an inspiration of honor and chivalry throughout the capital city and kingdom itself. But because of his stature in Heironeous’ Temple, he is hated by all who plot against the Archpaladin. The followers of Hextor, the Champion of Evil, Scourge of Battle, and Heironeous’ own half-brother are the worst of this evil and wicked lot. It is well know that they will go to any lengths to destroy Heironeous’ work.

   In 574 CY, the 18th of Coldeven, I was fortunate enough to be pulling the evening duty shift in the Temple following the Day of Just Rebellion service . Little did I know that that night would forever change my life. I was assembling the Temple for the next morning’s service when Kalaedros came to check on me. When he was assured everything was in order he retired for the evening, leaving me to finish my duties. As he exited the Temple, he was ambushed by three dark assassins, Fists of Hextor they were called, who caught him by surprise, struck him with poisoned weapons, incapacitating him. Hearing the clamor outside, I grabbed a longsword off the wall and ran to investigate. Surprised by my quick arrival on the scene, the Fists immediately turned and set upon me. I stood my ground in the Temple’s entryway where only one assailant could engage me at a time, but I needed to render aid to Kalaedros before one of them could finish him off. In desperation, I parried a blow and sunk my longsword to the hilt in one attacker’s belly, sending him to his doom, and pushed forward toward Kalaedros. But the two remaining Fists were too much to overcome for a boy of fourteen. I battled desperately for several minutes, but it was apparent that I was outmatched. Thankfully, the din of battle was noticed by a visiting Paladin of Heironeous and Knight of the Watch, Valanar, who was practicing arms with his Watchmen in the temple courtyard. They rushed to the sound of battle and arrived just as my two attackers had me cornered and were pressing in for the kill. The battle was quickly finished though with Valanar dispatching both Fists in a flurry of lightning fast battleaxe strokes while his Watchmen attended to Kalaedros. The senior temple cleric was called onto the scene and cast spells to cure Kalaedros’ poisoned wounds.

   Kalaedros fully recovered from the attack, and I was commended for my actions on his and the temple’s behalf. Valanar and his men began an investigation on the attack, and discovered the plot to kill Kalaedros had been planned for many weeks by a secret contingent of Fists of Hextor within the city. For the next several months, one by one, Valanar and his men hunted them down and brought them swiftly to justice as the god of honor and valor demands.

   After the conspirators were brought to justice, I was called in to speak with Kalaedros and Valanar in the temple’s main hall. They again praised me for my actions that evening and asked me if I had ever considered service to Heironeous outside the Temple. I was shocked. Had I failed to live up to the ideals I was sworn to uphold? All I ever wanted was to live my life as an example of Heironeous' righteousness. Valanar told me there were other ways to do that and that my actions that evening outside the temple proved that I had the potential to serve the Archpaladin on the front lines against evil. He offered me the opportunity to be squired to him and train to become a Paladin and Knight of the Watch. Kalaedros explained that my loyalty and training as a cleric of Heironeous would continue, but with this opportunity, I could make an even greater impact for my diety and my kingdom. They urged me to accept; Kalaedros saying that he always knew that there was something special about me, from the moment he found me on the temple’s doorstep. I accepted, and that night, the 4th of Sunsebb and the anniversary of the Murder of Bethane, the Knights of the Watch most holy day, in the Archpaladin’s Temple, I renewed my oath to Heironeous and swore allegiance to the Knights of the Watch.

   It has been over a year since I swore into service of Valanar and as a squire of the Knights of the Watch. Service to Heironeous comes first, but my other duties just compliment that. It has been hard, but I have learned much. Many long hours studying, practicing arms, learning horsemanship, and all the while continuing in my clerical duties, have steeled my character and I am much stronger and capable now. Kalaedros and Valanar say that I have made them proud and that soon I will be ready to leave Niola Dra and bring valor and justice to the rest of the world. By the Archpaladin’s skin, I know they are right!


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